Moments  In  The  Life  Of  A  Viewfinder

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"Nothing in art must look like an accident, not even motion", said Edgard Degas.

I think your work illustrates perfectly this quotation. Each of your pictures is a reflection and a combination of philosophy of life, deep thinking, and sometimes humor. Sensibility is the guideline of your work, to the point that every picture talks to the eye, and captures the moment no matter what the subject is, trees, faces, buildings or objects. Rodin made God's hand talk from marble, you make your pictures talk to viewer with paper and color ... and so, we look at them, listen to the stories they tell, admire the captured moment, like music coming to our head, probably to "the confines of our head". This is what art is about, but the most important is to share a bit of the artist's dream, it is also called happiness. Viva Hakim



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